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Industry - Webshops

Sealing boxes / packages

During the packaging process it is important that the (shipping) box is thoroughly sealed to ensure safe transport. Goods must therefore arrive at the customer complete and undamaged! The thorough sealing of a box appears simple, but there are certain things that must be taken into account, Such as which tape is the best, how should it be applied, what with and how quickly can it be done? Certainly, if the number of packages to be shipped is increasing, it is a good idea to thoroughly assess this.

Boxes can be sealed in three ways: manually (with a hand dispenser), with a tape dispenser or by machine. Which sort of tape is the best depends on factors such as weight the box material and the initial flap tension. Tape can also be used very well to prevent theft!

Professional coding

Information can be transferred by the use of coding. You could think of the use-by date (THT), contact data on a shipment box or the URL of the webshop. Products can also be made recognisable using barcodes, QR codes or type numbers.

At Cyklop we distinguish between two methods of printing or coding: High Resolution Inkjet printing and Continuous Inkjet printing. Which technique is most suitable for you depends on various factors, such as required print speed, the amount of information to be printed and under what circumstances.

Good coding results in a very professional appearance. It is now possible to code professionally, even with a small number of packages per day!

Strapping of packages

Strapping band is extremely suitable for the sealing and strengthening of boxes or packages. It is cheap, extremely strong, flexible and does not distort. Ideal for heavy boxes in particular, but also useful as a handling system or to convey information. For example, it is very easy to place a code on a strapping band.

Strapping is available in various qualities, widths and colours. Strapping is easy to apply with a portable device or with a strapping machine. Even with a small number of packages per day, it makes sense to use an M-Pac, for example.

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