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There are two methods for bundling with a rubber band: using an Elastic Binder and a rubber band, or using an Elastobinder and a Strepper®.

When using an Elastic Binder, one rubber band is automatically placed around the product. The rubber band is on a large roll (1000 or 3000 m), of which each time a small piece is automatically used, cut and closed with a knot.

With an Elastobinder, the so-called Streppers® are fed into the machine on a separate roll. The machine secures the Strepper®, the product is placed in the stretched elastic,the Elastobinder slowly releases the Strepper® and the product receives a very taut Strepper®. The Strepper is very soft and is even suitable for highly vulnerable products.

Please see below for the types of elastic and Streppers®

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