Thermal printing in existing production systems

The Cyklop CM300E is the advanced solution for your coding requirements. Using the tried and tested HP cartridge technology, high-resolution prints are produced on your packaging. The CM300E is specially developed for integration into production systems that are operated by PC or touch screen. Up to 4 cartridges can be fitted, enabling double-sided printing or printing to a height of 50.8 mm.  Company information such as bar codes, logos and manufacturing dates can be quickly and neatly printed in outstanding print resolution. The printer is very solidly built, enabling the CM 300E to be installed without difficulty in any industrial environment.

  • Up to 50,8 mm print height
  • Resolution max 600 x 600 dpi
  • Tried and tested HP cartridge technology
  • Printing speed max 147 meter / min
  • Data transferring via Ethernet 100 Mbps, USB 2,0, encoder port, photo sensor port or DP 15/IO

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