Economical strapping with PP strapping tape

Polypropylene tape, or PP tape is the most commonly used strapping tape and is deployed in a wide range of sectors. The main reason for this is the advantageous pricing of this strapping tape. Polypropylene has been designed especially for light to medium loads. The tape performs excellently under normal conditions because its characteristics such as breaking strength, elasticity and tensile strength are adequate for many applications. It is supplied in different widths, thicknesses, compositions and colours, and can be printed with warnings, quality marks or marketing messages.

  • Width: 5 – 9 – 12 mm
  • High quality standard
  • For light to medium loads
  • Suitable for: Friction welding, heat seal and metal sealing.
  • For machine and manual use
  • Obtainable in various colours
  • It can be printed with logos/text
  • Obtainable in Core 200/280/406
  • Obtainable in dispenser box: No investment in reel trolleys required

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